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Land use and cover maps represent a snapshot of the landscape that can be compared with presettlement land cover, as well as changes in subsequent years. The primary source of these maps is Michigan Department of Natural Resources statewide color infrared aerial photography flown June through September 1978 at 1:24,000 scale (1 in. = 0.38 mi). 

The MDNR produced CAD and GIS files from data interpreted by the counties and regional planning commissions or their subcontractors. This data set is intended for general planning purposes, not for site-specific use. The Michigan State University Center for Remote Sensing and GIS and MDNR completed data editing, manipulation, and evaluation. MDNR checked files against the original MDNR digital files for errant land cover/land use classification codes. 

Houghton County is represented by eleven 11"x17" maps at the scale of 1 in. = 1 mile (8.5"x11" maps may be available in the future). Keweenaw County is represented by eight 8.5"x11" maps at the same scale. An individual map may not show all cover types that occur in the county. The area table for Keweenaw County 1978 land cover types includes Isle Royale, but the maps do not.

Houghton County 1978 Land Use/Cover

Locater Key for Houghton Maps Below
Viewable Map (GIF 151k) Printable Map (PDF 474k)

 1 Southern Duncan Township
Viewable Map (GIF 395k)   Printable Map (PDF 866k)

 2 Northern Duncan Township
Viewable Map (GIF 568k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,831k)

 3 Southern Laird Township
Viewable Map (GIF 552k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,932k)

 4 Southern Elm River/Western Laird Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 441k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,391k)

 5 Southern Portage/Northern Laird Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 367k)  Printable Map (PDF 816k)

 6 Elm River/Stanton/Portage Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 481k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,301k)

 7 Portage/Chassell/Torch Lake Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 453k)  Printable Map (PDF 905k)

 8 Stanton/Adams/Portage Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 500k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,725k)

 9 Franklin/Osceola/Torch Lake Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 458k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,343k)

10 Stanton/Hancock/Quincy Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 427k)  Printable Map (PDF 965k)

11 Calumet/Osceola/Schoolcraft Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 559k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,526k)

Area Table by Land Cover Type (PDF 11k)

Keweenaw County 1978 Land Use/Cover

Locater Key for Keweenaw Maps Below
Viewable Map (GIF 265k) Printable Map (PDF 305k)

 1 Southern Allouez Township
Viewable Map (GIF 265k)   Printable Map (PDF 760k)

 2 Northern Allouez/Houghton Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 251k)  Printable Map (PDF 821k)

 3 Eagle Harbor/Houghton/Grant Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 268k)  Printable Map (PDF 855k)

 4 Southern Houghton/Eagle Harbor Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 280k)  Printable Map (PDF 1,056k)

 5 Sherman Township 
Viewable Map (GIF 264k)  Printable Map (PDF 767k)

 6 Eastern Eagle Harbor/Grant Townships
Viewable Map (GIF 245k)  Printable Map (PDF 772k)

 7 Southwest Grant Township 
Viewable Map (GIF 241k)  Printable Map (PDF 494k)

 8 Eastern Grant Township 
Viewable Map (GIF 208k)  Printable Map (PDF 531k)

Area Table by Land Cover Type (PDF 7k)



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