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Township Land Use Maps, Houghton County, 2002

In 2002, the Houghton County Planning Commission (HCPC) asked representatives of the 14 township governments in Houghton County to color a series of plat maps to reflect the current land uses within their jurisdictions. This information is part of the County’s land-use planning process. Digital versions of the resulting maps were completed with funding from the HCPC and the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation. Four townships did not provide the requested information; an environmental policy graduate student compiled their land-use maps based on “windshield surveys” from the roads in the townships. The land-use categories that the HCPC specified were:

Apartments, Multi-Family
Residential, Single Family
Residential, Rural
Residential, Platted, Vacant
Public, Institutions, etc.
Forest, Public
Commercial Forest, Private

A couple of townships added a category for cutover land or private forest not in the Commercial Forest Reserve program, which appears on the maps as “Forest, Private, non-CFR.” After discussion with the HCPC mapping subcommittee, the person who transferred the hand-colored maps into the ArcView GIS program classified rural areas where townships did not specify the land use generally as “Residential, Rural” if they had road access or “Forest, Private, non-CFR” if the plat map showed no road access. Areas owned by forest companies were also given that classification in the townships that had used only the original list of land uses.

In addition to the 11”x17” maps below that can be viewed or printed, the HCPC received 36”x60” composite maps of both the township land-use data and 1978 land use/land cover data for Houghton County.

Adams Township (PDF 63 KB)
Calumet Township (PDF 64 KB)
Chassell Township (PDF 78 KB)
Duncan Township (PDF 138KB)
Elm River Township (PDF 64 KB)
Franklin Township (PDF 50 KB)
Hancock Township (PDF 29 KB)
Laird Township (PDF 141 KB)
Osceola Township (PDF 43 KB)
Portage Township (PDF 89 KB)
Quincy Township (PDF 27 KB)
Schoolcraft Township (PDF 51 KB)
Stanton Township (PDF 101 KB)
Torch Lake Township (PDF 91 KB)





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