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Population Density, 1990-2000
Population density (persons per square mile) is shown by census block group (CBG) for each local unit of government. (A CBG is the smallest geographic unit for which all census data are available for mapping.) Houghton County had 42 census block groups in 1990 and 39 in 2000. The first map shows CBG boundaries for the county and highlights areas in which the census block group boundaries changed between 1990 and 2000. Note that census block groups may extend beyond sub-county political boundaries. The villages of Calumet, Copper City, Laurium, Lake Linden, and South Range are shown on the surrounding township maps. Areas with the densest population (City of Hancock, City of Houghton, and Calumet Township) each have an additional set of maps showing population density by persons per acre. (Some CBGs are less than a square mile in area, so population densities in those areas are higher than the total number of people living there, potentially causing some confusion. Density per acre may make more sense in those areas.)

Census Block Group Change, 1990-2000 (PDF 147 KB)
Houghton County 1990 (PDF 121 KB)
Houghton County 2000 (PDF 119 KB)
Adams Township 1990 (PDF 90 KB)
Adams Township 2000 (PDF 82 KB)
Calumet Township 1990, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 118 KB)
Calumet Township 1990, persons/acre (PDF 118 KB)
Calumet Township 2000, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 92 KB)
Calumet Township 2000, persons/acre (PDF 91 KB)
Chassell Township 1990 (PDF 75 KB)
Chassell Township 2000 (PDF 75 KB)
Duncan Township 1990 and 2000 (PDF 97 KB)
Elm River Township 1990 (PDF 78 KB)
Elm River Township 2000 (PDF 80 KB)
Franklin Township 1990 (PDF 77 KB)
Franklin Township 2000 (PDF 76 KB)
Hancock, City of, 1990, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 57 KB)
Hancock, City of, 1990, persons/acre (PDF 56 KB)
Hancock, City of, 2000, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 67 KB)
Hancock, City of, 2000, persons/acre (PDF 57 KB)
Hancock Township 1990 (PDF 69 KB)
Hancock Township 2000 (PDF 67 KB)
Houghton, City of, 1990, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 75 KB)
Houghton, City of, 1990, persons/acre (PDF 62 KB)
Houghton, City of, 2000, persons/sq. mi. (PDF 62 KB)
Houghton, City of, 2000, persons/acre (PDF 62 KB)
Laird Township 1990 (PDF 120 KB)
Laird Township 2000 (PDF 122 KB)
Osceola Township 1990 (PDF 77 KB)
Osceola Township 2000 (PDF 77 KB)
Portage Township 1990 (PDF 124 KB)
Portage Township 2000 (PDF 123 KB)
Quincy Township 1990 (PDF 59 KB)
Quincy Township 2000 (PDF 58 KB)
Schoolcraft Township 1990 (PDF 84KB)
Schoolcraft Township 2000 (PDF 82 KB)
Stanton Township 1990 (PDF 101KB)
Stanton Township 2000 (PDF 100 KB)
Torch Lake Township 1990 (PDF 104 KB)
Torch Lake Township 2000 (PDF 103 KB)

Population Change, 1980-2000 and 1990-2000
The following maps show percentage and actual population change by city, village, and township in Houghton County from 1980 to 2000 and from 1990 to 2000. Shades of blue denote percentage population losses over the period, while white and reds indicate population gains. The numbers represent the actual increase or decrease in population.

Population Change, 1990-2000 (PDF 32KB)
Population Change, 1980-2000 (PDF 108KB)

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